The Delegation of Colombia under the name of "Dr. CARLOS JARAMILLO DE LA TORRE", was established as from 6 January 2011, by decree of the General Animator. This delegation includes two South American countries: Colombia and Venezuela. For the moment, we are present in the Archdiocese of Bogotá with the Seminary of the Holy Apostles; in the Diocese of Fontibon with the Parish of Madre de la Divina Providencia and the Parish of San Dionisio; in the Parish of Los Teques Estado Miranda in Venezuela, with the Parish of the Holy Apostles in Lagunetica and the Duns Scott Center.


  1. In connection with the charism and mission: Vocation of M.S.A. works, taking into account the availability of members and the importance of a "vocational culture" in Colombia.

  2. In connection with Apostolic Life: To strengthen relations with the Local Church (Episcopal Conference of Colombia) in order to be recognized as a "defender" of the vocational-formative experience.

  3. In connection with Fraternal Life: Promote frequent meetings between members in order to strengthen human-fraternal relations between confreres.

  4. In connection with Collaboration with the Laity: To encourage the formation of the laity for the knowledge of the charism, mission, vision and writings of Fr. Eusèbe Ménard, O.F.M.

  5. Linked to the Community in Social Networks: Promote the formation of Christian leaders through Information and Communication Technologies (ICT).

Important events have occurred:

  1. (6) Priestly Ordinations.

  2. To assume the mission of the Works in Venezuela.

  3. 3. Creation of the Delegation's Vocational Promotion Board.



The Missionaries of the Holy Apostles have had a CONTRACT of PARISSIAL ADMINISTRATION since 1993. This Parish operates in the Diocese of Fontibon with a priest and a vicar; the headquarters of the Local Community is the Presbytery of the Parish.

Its pastoral activity is based on the criteria that come from this Diocese, according to the different governments of the Bishops. For the moment, the steps have been taken before the District authorities to legalize the land.

The link of this Parish with the Delegation is highly valued and especially with the work of the Seminary of the Holy Apostles; we would like to strengthen these links further in order to better accompany this work with the Missionaries of the Holy Apostles; while respecting the directives required by the Diocese (contract with the M.S.A.) at the level of the Parish administration.

The Missionaries of the Holy Apostles have had a contract for parish administration since the time of the General Council House. This Parish operates in the Diocese of Los Teques with a priest and a Vicar. The headquarters of the Local Community is the house or spirituality center called Duns Scoto House. It is a work of the Missionaries of the Holy Apostles.

The reality of this work is not ignored by anyone in relation to the current situation in Venezuela, which is facing a political, social, economic and other crisis. However, the Pastoral Care that is carried out there is based on accompanying these communities in this reality. It is not an easy job, because economic resources are scarce and difficulties with food and medicines make it very difficult for members to stay there. It can be said that this place has become a missionary territory where the Missionaries of the Holy Apostles seek to put their gifts at the service of the community.

One difficulty of this work is the legalization of the House of Spirituality Duns Scoto, since the steps have been taken, but without any solution. This legalization should already have taken place, but the same internal situation in the country has prevented the process.


The perspectives for the future that we present are in full communion with the proposals of the last Ordinary Assembly held in the Delegation, it is worth noting:

  • A joint work between the General House and the Delegation, to follow a single path that leads to the growth of the Delegation

  • To visualize the importance of new Works in the Delegation to continue to develop the Charism, Spirituality, and proper style of the M.S.A. in addition to ensuring the apostolates of the Members in the works normally for at least three.

  • The Animator of the Delegation and his Council find a house in which they could carry out their service of communion in a climate of fraternal life - an ongoing process.