On March 26, 2013, with the visit of Fathers Isaac Martinez, MSA, General Animator and Edward Przygocki, MSA, General Counsel, on their arrival will celebrate the Holy Eucharist to commemorate the death of the founder of the MSA, Father Eusebius Menard, O.F.M. This was the official beginning of the MSA presence in Indonesia, in the Archdiocese of Pontianak. Since then, six years have passed since the initial events of the work of the Holy Apostles with all its graces.


  1. Overview
  2. Members - we are currently 12 members; 2 definitive and 10 temporary.
  3. Three priests
  4. Four temporary Brothers.
  5. Five brothers in formation for the priesthood
  6. Three postulants
  7. Eleven applicants.


  1. Works and Houses

- All members live in Local Houses

    1. The parish of St. Francis of Assisi, Pakumbang
    2. Kindergarten Pre-school, Pakumbang
    3. Orphanage, Jakarta
    4. Three MSA Training Houses

     Parent company: Pakumbant.

     House of studies: Yogyakarta.

     House of studies: Malang.


  1. Apostolates and pastoral activities
  1. Accompaniment of young people: children until adulthood
  2. Collaboration with other congregations, candidates who study at the Faculty of Philosophy
  3. Collaboration with the laity: in parishes, in the diocese, in schools
  4. Collaboration with the Hieronymus Foundation (benefactors)


  1. Objectives of the local community
  1. Charism and Mission:
  2. Vocational promotion using Facebook, brochures, publishing calendars, pastoral activities.
  3. Youth and Adult Resident Programs (Pakumbang)
  4. Vocational discernment for young people
  5. Parish catechesis and preparation for the sacraments
  6. Education in schools


  1. Communication

- Our houses are on different islands, and they communicate by cell phone, but the connection by phone and internet is poor. Our goal is that they open a house in downtown Pontianak where communication is optimal.


  1. Proposals and recommendations of the 2012 General Assembly
  1. They participate in the International Probation Time in Peru.
  2. For the moment they are unable to send members to "specialized studies" because of a lack of trainers presently.
  1. Important events
  1. March 2013 - First visit by Fathers Isaac and Edward Przygocki, MSA for the opening of the new MSA house.
  2. December 2013 - the second visit of P. Isaac Martinez, MSA and P. Edward Przygocki, MSA.
  3. December 2013 - MSA Field Blessing: Archbishop Hieronymus Bumbun, P. Isaac and P. Edward Przygocki, MSA.
  4. January 29 - August 20, 2014: Father Ruben joins ITP in Peru.
  5. June 28, 2014 - P. Ruben issues his first MSA profession in the presence of Fr Isaac Martinez, MSA at Villa La Paz.
  6. July 26, 2014 - First membership profession in Indonesia in the presence of Father Christian Rodembourg, MSA and Father Edward Przygocki, MSA.
  7. March 2015 - visit of Father Isaac and Father Vincent Kilyan, Msa and the inauguration of St. Joseph's Church, the new Pontianak Cathedral.
  8. July 2015 - visit of Father Vincent Kilidjian and Fr Adolfo Doroteo.
  9. July 2016 - opening of the MSA house in Yogyakarta for study at the Pontifical Faculty in the archdiocese of Semarang.
  10. July 22, 2016 - Blessing of MSA Central House in Pakumbang by Fr. William Chang, MSA O.F.M Cape and Fr Isaac Martinez, MSA.
  11. July 2016 - visit and retreat of Fr. Isaac Martinez, MSA.
  12. June 30 - July 13, 2017 - visit of Fr. Jean Braconin and Fr. Edward Przygocki, MSA.
  13. July 8, 2017 - final promise of Father Ruben and Brother Marianus.
  14. July 2018- Visit of the new animator Father Luis Luna BARRERA, MSA accompanied by the general treasurer Father Dennis Connell, MSA.
  15. September 24, 2018- Father Isaac Martinez, MSA with mandate from the facilitator goes for a period of 3 month.


  1. Analysis of the situation.


To. All members live in the house of the community.

    1. All members have pastoral work.
    2. Numerous vocations between young people and adults.


Weak points:

    1. Many members currently come from other congregations and live the spirituality of their former congregation.
    2. There are not enough members for lack of MSA members who have our Charism and spirituality of our works.
    3. They need to know more about our MSA spirituality and charisma and the ability to accompany our candidates.
    4. We have a house in Yogyakarta as a training house. But they do not have trainers
  1. Financial situation
  1. They receive financial assistance from the General Council for the studies and expenses of the members.
  2. They receive private donations from Indonesian benefactors.

Properties: Mother House MSA in Pakumbang - We own the land. It is one kilometer from the parish of San Francisco. It has 20 rooms with chapel and conference room, dining room and a small retirement home.

We rent our study houses (Malang and Yogyakarta) with the possibility of buying one in Yogyakarta, located in 2 streets of the Pontifical Faculty.


  1. Perspectives for the future.

Thank God, we (MSA) have the full approval and blessing of the new archbishop of Pontianak. He is very fraternal with us and entrusted us with the pastoral territory of Pakumbang, located 3 hours from the city.

They offered us the use of a private house near the Pontianak Diocesan Seminary, probably as a house of formation for the students.

God blesses us by sending us many vocations! All young men, professional adults. It is urgent to count on the presence of the MSA to collaborate and carry out that immense and beautiful mission in Asia.

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