"Many of the m.s.a. workers in the "Provincial Vineyard" have reached the biblical age, the age of the brave.  Their attachment to the family has not grown old; they are witnesses who challenge us with their ever-present concern for the Work to be continued; if physically they have laid down their apron, they always carry it in their heart and trust in Providence.

            The Msa Province of Canada joyfully accompanies the Delegation of Africa.  There too, as in the past in the Society, we meet members who are attentive and generous in their concern to give priests to the Church and to accompany them.  It is and will be indispensable to give priority to the preparation of these accompaniers.

            It is our wish that we be concerned about our community life, the source of all vital development of the Work entrusted to us by the Church in the name of Christ the Lord.

            This community life cannot be the project of a single person according to his or her individual objectives.  The solidity of a building depends on the precious place of each stone and its adherence to its neighbor.

            If this community life requires openness to each person, it would benefit from being strengthened by the discovery and greater knowledge of the Msa communities living in other Provinces, Delegations, Local Communities of various countries or continents.

            Finally, it will be greatly favoured if the different levels of authority, of the service of communion, meet regularly at the same table.

            This is what concerns me essentially and what the confreres have shared their wishes with me.  The fact remains that through our differences, our challenges, we are attached to the Work, to its history, concerned about carrying out the legacy of our founders, Fr. Eusèbe and M. Durand. »

Yvon Jutras, M.S.A.

At the 2017 General Assembly in Colombia.

Province of Canada

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